The Mitsubishi Pajero Resurfaces: A Japanese-made Range Rover in the Making

The Mitsubishi Pajero Resurfaces: A Japanese-made Range Rover in the Making banner

Exciting news has emerged from Japan, signaling the return of the iconic Mitsubishi Pajero. According to reports, the fifth-generation Pajero is set to make its debut in 2027, offering a unique twist that sets it apart from its predecessors. The revival of this legendary SUV promises to bring a fresh perspective, transforming it into what's being dubbed a "Japanese-made Range Rover."

New Platform and Design:

Set to share its platform with the next-generation plug-in hybrid Outlander, the upcoming Pajero is expected to break away from the conventional mold of mass-market mid-sized SUVs. With a design reminiscent of a Japanese Range Rover, the fifth-generation Pajero is said to measure 4900mm in length, 1900mm in width, and 1850mm in height. These dimensions closely mirror those of the fourth-generation model, with a focus on providing a comfortable ride.

Unibody Construction and Underpinnings:

Breaking away from the Triton ute's body-on-frame platform, the new Pajero will feature unibody construction, continuing the trend set by its immediate predecessors. Reports suggest that updated CMF-C/D underpinnings will draw inspiration from the CMF-EV electric vehicle architecture, ensuring a harmonious blend of performance, efficiency, and comfort. This strategic move aims to position the Pajero as a sophisticated and capable SUV.

Powertrain Possibilities:

Under the hood, the new Pajero is rumored to inherit an improved version of the current Outlander's 2.4-liter plug-in hybrid four-cylinder powertrain. This move aligns with Mitsubishi's commitment to innovation and sustainability, reflecting the changing landscape of the automotive industry.

A Pajero Reimagined:

The decision to revive the Pajero comes after Mitsubishi officially discontinued the model in 2021, citing a shift in priorities and market dynamics. The last redesign of the Pajero dates back to 2006, and the brand aims to reinvent it with a modern touch while retaining its iconic legacy.

Strategic Independence:

Mitsubishi has strategically opted for unibody construction and a platform independent of its Alliance partner, Nissan. This move emphasizes Mitsubishi's desire to maintain control and originality in the creation of the new Pajero, marking it as "the heart of our brand."

As the automotive world eagerly awaits the return of the Mitsubishi Pajero, the promise of a Japanese-made Range Rover and a redefined SUV experience is indeed intriguing. The fifth-generation Pajero aims to capture the essence of its predecessors while embracing modern design, technology, and sustainability. With its unique positioning and strategic decisions in construction and powertrain, the Pajero's return is poised to make waves in the industry and captivate enthusiasts around the globe.

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