Tynan Chery Wollongong's Grand Car Giveaway Event!

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The halftime show during the recent St George Illawarra game transformed into an electrifying spectacle as Tynan Motors took to the field. At the heart of it, was the brand-new Omoda 5 worth $32,990, eagerly awaiting its lucky owner. This partnership showcased Tynan Motors' dedication to creating unforgettable community experiences, leaving a remarkable impact on everyone involved, while also promoting our new brand Chery in Wollongong.

Tynan Motors orchestrated an event that had spectators on the edge of their seats. The grand event featured twelve keys, each with the potential to unlock the sleek OMODA 5. Tynan Motors had the privilege of distributing three of these coveted keys while giving the others keys to media promoters to giveaway including Wave FM, to announce four key winners live on breakfast radio with Jade Tona and Tynan Motors Ambassador Damien Leith. Cambridge Markets, organisers of the Cronulla Winter Markets, announced two key winners, and last but not least the St George Illawarra Dragons announced three winners during halftime home games at WIN Stadium.

As the halftime show reached its peak, the spotlight fell on Blake Evans who was second in line to try his key. Blake unlocked the car with the winning key which he secured through Wave FM, making him the proud owner of the new OMODA 5. Joined by his wife and young daughter after the halftime excitement, the trio's exuberance painted a picture of shared joy that will be cherished for times to come.

This journey began in mid-July when the promotion was unveiled, inviting everyone to participate. To all who entered but didn't win, Tynan Motors extends gratitude for being a part of the excitement. Such events highlight that the true value lies in connections and shared experiences.

In a world where moments of pure exhilaration are rare, Tynan Motors delivered an event to remember. The collective energy, the thrill of the giveaway, and the joy on Blake Evans' face have crafted a cherished memory. Here's to more moments of shared joy in the future!To browse our full range of Chery cars, visit Tynan Chery in Wollongong, or search online here.

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