Unveiling the Hidden Road Rules: What You Need to Know

Unveiling the Hidden Road Rules: What You Need to Know banner

Think you know all the road rules like the back of your hand? Think again. While many of us breeze through our driver's tests and hit the road, there are plenty of lesser-known road rules that might surprise even the most seasoned drivers. From quirky regulations to safety measures you may not be aware of, here's a peek into the world of road rules you didn't know existed.

The Age of Re-Testing

Did you know that in most places, you won't be tested on road rules again after getting your license? It's not until you reach a certain age, like 85 in New South Wales, that you're required to undergo any kind of practical driving test – and even then, it's not a rigorous assessment of your road rule knowledge. In the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), there's not even mandatory retesting for older drivers, let alone a knowledge test.

Obscure Road Rules

Now, onto the juicy stuff – the road rules you probably never knew existed. Take New South Wales for example, where splashing a bus passenger with mud after driving through a puddle can land you a $165 fine. And it's not just buses – there are plenty of other lesser-known rules that could catch you off guard.

No People or Animals on Your Lap

Think it's cute to have your pet or child on your lap while driving? Think again. Not only is it unsafe, but it's also against the law. Children must be in approved child restraints or seats, while pets should be securely restrained beside the driver or on the floor of the vehicle.

Lights, Horns, and Windows

Did you know that using your high beam headlights within 200 meters of an oncoming vehicle is an offense? Or that using a separate light from within your car to dazzle oncoming drivers is also against the law? And forget about sitting on your horn in frustration – it's only legal to use your horn or warning device in specific situations.

Phone and GPS Usage

Handling your phone while using it as a navigation device is also an offense. Even pressing a button to answer a call or check a text could land you in hot water. And in some states, fines for mobile phone usage while driving can be hefty, along with a hefty demerit point penalty.

Crossing Roads and Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrians aren't exempt from lesser-known road rules either. In New South Wales, crossing the road too slowly or crossing within 20 meters of a marked pedestrian crossing can result in a fine. It's all about keeping everyone safe on the roads, even if it means adhering to some lesser-known regulations.

Know Before You Go

While some of these road rules may seem obscure or even arbitrary, they all serve a purpose – to keep everyone safe on the roads. So next time you hit the road, keep these lesser-known rules in mind. You never know when they might come in handy.

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