Unveiling Tomorrow's Drive: CES 2024 Technology Highlights for Tynan Motors Brands

Unveiling Tomorrow's Drive: CES 2024 Technology Highlights for Tynan Motors Brands banner

 CES 2024, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, occurs annually in Las Vegas at the start of the year. It is an expo of everything that falls under the rubric of technology and has once again dazzled audiences, showcasing the latest and greatest innovations that are set to revolutionise the driving experience. Let's dive into some of the remarkable advancements unveiled at CES for the brands proudly represented at Tynan Motors.

Mercedes-Benz: Redefining In-Car AI with MBUX Virtual Assistant and Unleashing the Thrill of the 'G-Turn' 

Mercedes-Benz took to the iconic Vegas strip to showcase the 'G-Turn,' a spectacle that turned heads and captured imaginations. The legendary G-Class is gearing up for an all-electric future, and the introduction of the "G-Turn" demonstrates the brand's commitment to setting new benchmarks in driving experiences. This awe-inspiring 720-degree turn is made possible by four independent electric motors at each wheel, allowing the EQG to rotate effortlessly on its own axis. While the G-Turn may not be an everyday necessity and is not for use on public roads, its potential applications range from maneuvering out of stuck situations during off-road adventures to simply wowing friends with its unparalleled performance. Mercedes-Benz continues to push boundaries, bringing innovation and excitement to the forefront of the automotive world. See the full video here.

Mercedes-Benz has once again raised the bar with its groundbreaking MBUX Virtual Assistant. Integrating generative AI and advanced 3D graphics, this virtual assistant brings a new level of natural and personalized interactions to the dashboard. Operating on the brand-new Mercedes-Benz Operating System (MB.OS), this technology promises an extraordinary digital experience.

One standout feature is the MBUX SOUND DRIVE, a revolutionary in-car music experience developed in collaboration with Mercedes-AMG and entrepreneur will.i.am. Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz is enhancing in-car audio storytelling through partnerships with Audible and Amazon Music.

MBUX Virtual Assistant transforms the car-driver relationship with natural, conversational interaction.

Kia's Platform Beyond Vehicle (PBV): Shaping the Future of Urban Mobility

Kia unveiled its Platform Beyond Vehicle (PBV) future strategy, introducing a modular vehicle previewed by the Kia Concept PV5. This lineup of electric urban runabouts, built on a scalable, battery-powered platform, is designed for various work vehicle solutions. From small urban runabouts for ride-sharing and last-mile delivery to larger vans for passengers or cargo, and even versatile rolling boxes for mobile pop-up shops, offices, or restaurants – Kia's PBV is a game-changer with its cool faceted design.

Kia Concept Vehicles: PBV Concept, PV5 Concept, PV7 Concept, PV1 Concept

Hyundai's Hydrogen Commitment and Innovative Maneuverability: Pioneering the Sustainable Road Ahead with HTWO and the e-Corner System

Hyundai made waves at CES by reiterating its commitment to hydrogen as the key to sustainable transportation. The company announced the expansion of its fuel cell brand, HTWO, into a comprehensive "hydrogen value chain business brand." Hyundai's vision is to transition from being a "hydrogen first-mover" to a global leader in providing hydrogen solutions. The introduction of the HTWO Grid solution is set to accelerate the world's transition to a hydrogen society.

But wait, there's more! Hyundai Mobis took centre stage with the MOBION, a modified iteration of the award-winning Ioniq 5 EV. Featuring the cutting-edge e-Corner system, the MOBION showcases exceptional maneuverability, allowing for crab-walking, diagonal driving, sideways motion, and stationary pivot turns. The in-wheel drive system seamlessly integrates braking, steering, and suspension components, not only improving performance but also creating additional space for passengers or cargo. View the full demonstration here.

Sean Hollister provides his firsthand account of the modified Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV, experiencing the new technology. The driver effortlessly controlled the buttons and touchscreen tablet corresponding to various maneuvers. Whether it was "Crab Driving" for sideways motion, "Zero Turn" for spinning in place, or "Pivot Turn" for a controlled drift, the driver didn't need to individually steer each wheel. The computer-controlled system operated with ease, both from within the cabin and observed from the outside. This innovative system is exclusive to EVs, eliminating the need for axles to transfer power from an internal combustion engine – a feature you won't find on traditional gasoline vehicles.

As we eagerly anticipate the integration of these groundbreaking technologies into the vehicles available at Tynan Motors, the future of driving has never been more thrilling. Stay tuned for more updates and be prepared to embark on an unparalleled journey into tomorrow's drive!

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