Why EOFY is the Best Time to Buy a Car: Insights from Tynan Motors

Why EOFY is the Best Time to Buy a Car: Insights from Tynan Motors banner

End Of The Financial Year (EOFY) sales are the perfect time for Australians to find the best deals, especially when purchasing a new vehicle. Tynan Motors, with over 58 years of experience in the automotive industry, provides valuable insights into why EOFY is the ideal time to buy and the benefits you can reap.

Significant Savings and Incentives

If you plan to buy a new car, EOFY sales are the perfect time. During this period, all of our brands sold at Tynan Motors offer a wide range of discounts and incentives, saving you significant money. Additionally, you can benefit from the latest models and technology, which often come with better resale value, manufacturer warranties, and attractive financing options.

Runout or Plate Clearances

You'll find some of our brands currently have runout or plate clearance offers on the MY23 models, for example MG or LDV! This means you could secure a great deal on a new or demo model simply based on its model year. While purchasing the previous year's model might slightly reduce its resale value, if you don't plan on selling soon, opting for a runout clearance-listed model can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Demonstrator Models

It’s not just about brand-new cars. You could also find fantastic deals on demonstrator models, also known as demo or ex-demo cars, which are used at our Sydney and Illawarra dealerships for test drives. These near-new vehicles typically have very low kilometres and can be offered at significant discounts during EOFY sales. Right now we currently have 160 demonstrators in stock here!

Electric Vehicle Incentives

With the surges in fuel prices, more shoppers are considering replacing their current cars with electric vehicles (EVs) or hybrid models. EOFY sales provide additional discounts, making this an opportune time to purchase an EV and potentially save thousands of dollars.

For those in the EV market, Tynan Motors has a range of attractive deals on electric vehicles. Start exploring what electric models Tynan Motors has available here.

Visit Tynan Motors This EOFY

Tynan Motors has multiple locations across the Sutherland Shire and Illawarra, including Miranda, Kirrawee, Sutherland, Wollongong, and Albion Park. With a wide selection of new, demonstrator, and used cars, Tynan Motors has something for everyone this EOFY. Visit us to discover how we can help you drive away in your dream car while taking advantage of the best deals of the year.

Whether you're looking for a brand-new model, a demo car, or an electric vehicle, Tynan Motors' extensive inventory and attractive incentives make this the best time to buy. Don’t miss out—head to your nearest Tynan Motors dealership this EOFY and see how much you can save.

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