Hyundai has partnered with the artificial intelligence specialists Perceptive Automata to develop new software for self-driving vehicles.
This partnership will allow Hyundai to develop technology that allows your car to spot unpredictable hazards by teaching autonomous cars to think like humans.
Hyundai made the decision to partner with the American startup after Perceptive Automata developed new software that is able to predict the often unpredictable intentions of pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.
The erratic behaviour of human road users is one of the biggest challenges for self-driving cars. Perceptive Automata tackles this issue by creating software that allows an autonomous vehicles to think like a human, installing “human intuition” that allows “rapid judgements” about what pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists might do next.
It works by processing data that shows how people and cars interact on the road, which is then used to teach artificial intelligence software to interpret human behaviour in the same way another person would.  An autonomous car should be smart enough to detect when a pedestrian might suddenly cross the road.
This partnership acknowledges the problems for self-driving cars and aims to solve these problems for the next-generation driver assistance systems. 


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