The New Jeep Wrangler is put to the test in the Rubicon Trails challenging conditions.

Famous for being one of the worlds most extreme 4×4 trails in the world, the Rubicon Trail requires only the toughest four-wheel drives, and the toughest four-wheel drivers. Located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range near Lake Tahoe in California, the Rubicon Trail is a place where car enthusiasts can enjoy the challenging drive, whilst showcasing the cars extreme four-wheel driving capabilities.

The all-new sixth generation Jeep Wrangler, which is due to arrive in Australian showrooms early next year promises better off-roading abilities then ever before whilst offering better on-road dynamics, high quality connectivity and safety, and greater interior space.

The model is tailored specifically for four-wheel driving with a unique transfer case that features an ultra-low crawl ratio, heavy-duty locking differentials at both ends, Kevlar-reinforced all-terrain tyres and a front sway bar that can be electronically disconnected for greater wheel articulation

Jeep will also offer a variety of powertrain options depending on the variant, with either a revised version of the 3.6-litre naturally-aspirated V6 or a new-generation turbo diesel four cylinder, six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic gearboxes, and different four-wheel drive systems.


Putting the Wrangler to the test, the model isn’t flustered by the intensity of the Rubicon trail as it required minimal acceleration to get through the terrain with it’s amazing elastic suspension making the relentless terrain of the Rubicon trail a breeze.

The Wrangler comes with three different roof options. The hard-top roof panels above the driver and passenger can be easily removed and stowed away in a handy zip-up backpack in the boot of the four-door. The roof of the two-door comes with a soft-top featuring windows which can also be easily removed, whilst the four-door has an optional power roof which retracts to almost the full length of the cabin.

Reflecting on how torturous the Rubicon Trail is and how effortlessly the Wrangler coped with the conditions, it can be perceived that this model is literally built for this kind of extreme terrain.

Its ability to drive on the trail with ease showcases how tough this four-wheel drive truly is.

2019 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Price and Specifications

On-sale: February 2019

Engine: 3.6-litre V6 petrol

Power: 209kW at 6400rpm

Torque: 353Nm at 4800rpm

Transmission: Eight-speed automatic, 4WD

Fuel use: 11.7L/100km


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